My  mission is to work with people who have the motivation and desire to  overcome issues that impact on their physical, mental and emotional  wellbeing. Supporting and empowering you as you move towards your chosen  goals is deeply fulfilling work. 

A  client’s transformation, while a beautiful thing to witness, may be a  long process if they're dealing with deep rooted issues. If  you’re willing to enter into this partnership  wholeheartedly, accepting that I deal in lasting change rather than quick fixes, I’ll be delighted to explore working with you.  I know from experience that when you are fully invested and taking responsibility for yourself and your process, we get better results for  you. I will make recommendations about coaching based on your particular needs. 

When  you work with me, you take responsibility for attending at the agreed time for your appointments (neither early nor late), and for paying a 100% cancellation fee if you fail to notify me of non attendance with fewer than 24 hours' notice.